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Key Facts

March 2023 - August 2026

€ 20 Mil.

28 institutions from 10

The world is currently taking the first steps into the second quantum revolution where quantum technologies will play a decisive part in advanced technology. In the last few years, quantum computing has been elevated from a basic research concept towards a viable cloud quantum computer which will be affecting people’s everyday lives in multiple ways. The 28 international partners from academia and industry involved in the European FET Flagship project OpenSuperQPlus aim at designing, building, and operating a quantum information processing system of up to 1,000 qubits and to sustainably make it available at a central site for external users.

The scale of the computer will be among the leading platforms in the world and one of the first developed in Europe. To maximise the impact of the project in the field, the OpenSuperQPlus team strives to establish close links with European and international research and industry players as technology partners and users. Highly recognised stakeholders will contribute to the success of OpenSuperQPlus through their participation in the planned advisory board, the basic science group, and a user board.

OpenSuperQPlus will provide access to the machine thus fostering scientific and exploitation progress which does not depend on the investment of individual players. One of the main results will be designing a plan for scaling up and constructing a large-scale quantum computer with at least 1,000 qubits usable for fault-tolerant quantum computing.

A distinguishing and globally unique feature of OpenSuperQPlus is its open and integrative approach. We strongly believe that this approach will enable our system and its underlying technologies to serve a large community of early adopters of quantum technologies and educate the next generation of quantum scientists, developers and users.

Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch
OpenSuperQPlus Coordinator

About the Quantum Flagship

The Quantum Flagship was launched in 2018 as one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives of the European Union. With a budget of €1 billion and a duration of 10 years, the flagship brings together research institutions, academia, industry, enterprises, and policy makers, in a joint and collaborative initiative on an unprecedented scale. The main objective of the Flagship is to consolidate and expand European scientific leadership and excellence in this research area as well as to transfer quantum physics research from the lab to the market by means of commercial applications and disruptive technologies. With over 5,000 researchers from academia and industry involved in this initiative throughout its lifetime, it aims to create the next generation of disruptive technologies that will impact Europe’s society, placing the region as a worldwide knowledge-based industry and technological leader in this field.

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